The One Where We Threw an Epic Surprise Party

A couple of weekends ago we threw my sister, Mari, a surprise birthday party.


As we were in the beginning stages of planning, my brother-in-law (my sister’s hubby) suggested we do a “Friends” theme.  My sister is addicted to the show, so it was a perfect idea!

DSC_0224 DSC_0228 DSC_0258 However, I am not exactly the professional party planner, so I enlisted the help of a friend, Alicia She is pretty much a party expert and she loves Friends as much as Mari does.  If it wasn’t for her ideas and help, the party would’ve never come together like it did.  All of the ideas, from the food, the frames, the decor, everything, came from her.

DSC_0238 DSC_0226 DSC_0255 Mari’s husband got her out of the house a few hours early so Alicia and I could set up everything.  We had people park around the corner so she didn’t see any cars that she’d recognize on the way home.

DSC_0266 DSC_0236 DSC_0235 DSC_0241 DSC_0242

Unfortunately, I forgot to grab my camera as she was walking in, so I didn’t catch her surprised face, but she definitely seemed taken-off-guard when all of her friends jumped out from the hallway.


Winnie was the center of attention

DSC_0244 DSC_0231

She loved the theme and decor of course! I think she was most surprised by all of that [read: she’s much better at themed parties than I am].  Hopefully, she had a great time and it made this birthday a little memorable!


I had to include this picture because the facial expressions are priceless


My sister, Mari (middle) with her friends, Jackie (left) and Christina (right)

Happy birthday, Mari! Hope 26 is an awesome year for you!

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