Tea Time

Does anyone else love throwing surprise parties?!  I love all the sneaking around and figuring out the “cover up” story to get the guest-of-honor to the party.  So when the idea crossed my mind to throw a surprise party for my friend Sally, the wheels just started turning.

First step was figuring out a location. This was the easiest part to figure out because Sally had mentioned a few times that she really wanted to go to the Wilmington Tea Room. What better place to host the party?  I wouldn’t have to worry about decorations or food either!
DSC_0954 I reached out to my friend, Jen, to see if she wanted to plan it with me, and once we figured out a couple of weekends that could work for us, I asked Sally’s husband, Kevin, to make sure their calendar was clear.  We decided to make it a combination birthday party and baby shower as Sally’s birthday was only a couple of weeks ago and she is expecting her second girl.  We knew she didn’t need a ton of baby stuff, but I didn’t want to not do anything for baby girl #2 either…


DSC_0965 Even though I didn’t have to worry about food, I did order cake pops from my crazy-talented friend, Alicia. They were a huge hit with everyone at the party! She even made the most adorable tea cup out of white chocolate to go along with the theme.

To get Sally to the party, I asked her if she would be up to going to the Wilmington Tea Room with Jen and me as belated birthday thing. She totally bought it and has since told me she didn’t suspect a thing.  A week before the party date, I texted the 2 of them and said I had called and made a reservation for us at 11am.  Then to really keep her from being suspicious, I group texted the both of them about an hour before the party and asked what they were wearing because I couldn’t decide.  I had already left the house and was on my way to the Wilmington Tea Room but I figured if she thought I was still at home deciding what to wear, she definitely wouldn’t think I was up to anything…

Jen and Sally ended up riding together to the party and Jen just HAD to return some Redbox movies (which really was just a way to delay her so everyone had enough time to get there).

DSC_0973 I was so excited when Sally walked through the door.  I didn’t completely catch her reaction, but she was totally surprised!

It was the perfect amount of people (we had about 10 ladies join us).  We enjoyed some delicious tea, chatted, and Sally got to open her presents which were a combination of things for her, things for the baby, and a few people even brought gifts for her first daughter (which I thought was such a neat idea to make sure she felt special too!).


How adorable is this shelf? Jen made it herself!

DSC_0978 DSC_0984 After we finished, we went outside for some group photos. The Wilmington Tea Room sits right on th Cape Fear River boardwalk, so it was the perfect backdrop.


Sally and her friend, Jill. They said this was their sorority pose!


Jen (left), Sally (middle), and me


I hope Sally enjoyed the day as much as we did throwing it!


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