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High Five for Friday!

Wow! What a week!  I’m linking up with Lauren for H54F! So, where to start?!?

1.  It was my husband’s birthday on Wednesday! I posted about it here. We have basically been celebrating all week!  We went to dinner Saturday night with his family, went to Raleigh on Wednesday and had dinner with our best friends, had dinner with my family on Thursday, and then we are having our date night to celebrate on Saturday night. So much for the diet…

My hubby

My hubby

2.  I picked these up at Anthropologie while we were in Raleigh.  I’ve never bought anything in there before (it’s a little out of my budget) but I thought these were really cute!  And then I managed to drop the yellow one when we got home and it completely shattered. :(944130_10100406382438536_1480017901_n

3.  Our passports came!!! We are going on a cruise in September to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary, so we finally had a reason to get these.  I hope this gives us more incentive to do more traveling now!


4.  I had a yard sale on Saturday, and it went REALLY well!  We sold a bunch of stuff, and the things that were left at the end of the day went straight to Goodwill.  It feels so freeing to have all that junk out of our house.

2013-05-04 07.29.20

Sorry that this picture hasn’t been “Instagramed” lol

5.  On Sundays, we almost always go out to lunch after church with some friends.  We are one of the few couples in our Life Group class that don’t have kids yet, so we have a lot of fun entertaining our friends’ kids so they can enjoy their lunch.  This little girl is absolutely hilarious.  She was looking at herself in the front-facing camera on my phone when she grabbed my sunglasses, put them on, then made the “duck lips” pose.  I managed to reach over and click the button in time to snap this picture of her.  Every time I see it, I start laughing.  I really hope my kids are this cute (one day).


How has your week been?!

High Five for Friday

Wow! What a crazy week! I’m sorry I haven’t posted much.  This week has completely gotten away from me!  So, I figured for this High Five for Friday post, I would fill you in on why this week has been so crazy!

1.  I got stuck at work late Monday so I missed yoga that day.  I had planned to go to a class, but I missed both afternoon class times.  This ended up working to my benefit though because I needed to run a couple errands.  Plus I got to suprise my hubby with dinner.  He has been working so hard on a project at work, and hasn’t slept much.  He was taking a nap when I got home and was very suprised to wake up to a home-cooked meal.

2. On Tuesday, I went to watch this girl play soccer.  I have known her since she was 5 years old.  Now she’s a teenager and turning into a beautiful young lady.  And I’m depressed about how old I’m getting…


3.  On Wednesday, I just crashed! I spent the evening on the couch, eating pizza, and watching Gilmore Girls with my hubby.  Yes, he is the best husband ever because not only does he watch GG with me, he actually likes the show.

4.  On Thursday, I had a dentist appointment after work.  I used to have a HUGE fear of going to the dentist but I started going to a new place two years ago, and I absolutely love them.  They are so nice and patient with me (no matter how many times they tell me I need to floss everyday— which I don’t. TMI?).  I actually look forward to going to the dentist now!

5.  My mom’s neighborhood is having their community-wide yardsale on Saturday, so I have been cleaning out and taking loads of stuff to her house.  I’m sure she is loving that she can’t find her dining room right now, but once the yardsale is over, anything that is left will go straight to Goodwill.  I REFUSE to take anything back into the house after a yardsale.  I’m the opposite of a hoarder (which is sometimes not exactly a positive thing— I’ll throw things away that I later regret just because it’s taking up space).

How has your week been? Hope it’s been more calm than mine!

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