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Weekend Recap

So I know that it’s Tuesday and if you are recapping a weekend, that should happen on Monday, but oh well! :)

On Friday,  Jeff and I had a much-needed date night.  We actually hadn’t been out on a date just the two of us in over a month.  We usually end up going to dinner with friends or something, which I am definitely not complaining— I am so thankful for the friends in our life— but it was nice to have a night just the two of us. Then this happened.

photo6 (1) I had been wanting to get another piercing for quite some time, but for whatever reason hadn’t done it.  I got my first and second holes as a teenager, and then had gotten the first cartilage piercing [the top one] when I turned 18.  And nearly ten years later, I finally got this one.  I was a little nervous about how it would look, but I kind of love it!

On Saturday, my best friend was in town and we went out for some retail therapy and lunch.  We ate at Which Wich— I was really craving egg salad and theirs is so good!  I was expecting to have to just order it on bed of lettuce or something since I didn’t want the bread [I've been trying really hard to eat gluten-free lately], but they apparently have an option called the “Lettuce-wich” where they will make any sandwich wrapped in lettuce instead of bread.  It was DELICIOUS! I will be eating there much more frequently now that I know this is an option.

photo5 (1) That night, I worked a wedding for a friend who owns a wedding-planning business.  The wedding was held at an old church that has been renovated and used for special occasions like this.  It is one of my favorite venues— a great combination of old and new!

photo4 (1) On Sunday, Jeff and I attended the wedding of some friends that we have known since at least middle school, maybe longer.  They were both in my brother’s class and started dating in high school.  Their wedding was absolutely beautiful and incredibly sweet.  I teared up on a number of occasions.

photo3 (1) photo2 (2) And to wrap this shindig up, on Monday, I went to the beach with a couple of friends and their 3 adorable little girls.  Although going to the beach with kids is a very different experience from what I’m used to since I don’t have any [read: pretty much not sitting down the entire time and being completely covered in sand versus sitting in a chair, listening to music, and reading a good book], it was nice to spend time with them and get to have some girl talk, even if I am a lobster now because I didn’t realize how long we had be out there and reapplied sunscreen a little too late— and completely forgot to reapply it to my face. Whoops…

photo1 (2) It’s always a successful beach trip when at least one kid falls asleep in the car on the way home [even if I don't have kids, I know such truths ;-)].

How was your weekend?  I’d love to hear about it!

High Five for Friday

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It’s finally Friday and I am linking up with Lauren from www.thelaurenelizabeth.com.  You should definitely check out her blog!

Some highlights from this week are:

1.  Classes are done! There is a week of exams to get through (for the students, not for me), but since I work at a university that means we are VERY close to summer break!

2. I’ve been watching my favorite show, Gilmore Girls, for the umpteenth time.  I  have all 7 seasons on DVD, so started a couple of weeks ago on Season 1, and am on Season 6 now.  I love coming home, crashing on the couch, and watching a couple of episodes to unwind at night.


3.  This article made its way around Facebook this week, and I recommend everyone read it! Let’s just say, I was extrememly convicted by it.  I had never thought of “gluttony” in this way before.

4.  We get to see our best friends this weekend!  Matt and Justine live in Raleigh, so we don’t get to see them very often, so when they come to town, it’s very exciting!  Justine also has a blog so make sure to take a look at it:  celebrateyourlife365.wordpress.com.


The four of us from last summer at a wedding we attended together.

5.  Lastly, I am excited to catch up on some much needed sleep! The last couple of weeks have been very hectic, and this will be one of the few weekends that we can relax and hang out at the house.

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