Skirting from Winter to Spring

All the Skirts

I’m typically more of a pants kind of girl. I tend to only wear skirts on special occasions or to church. I think it stems from twelve years at a private Christian school where we had to wear uniforms every day which for the girls meant skirts. every. single. day.

This winter, however, I’ve really found myself wearing skirts more and more. There’s been a couple of reasons for this.

One, it’s been raining a LOT. And when it rains, I hate wearing pants (especially to work) because the hems always end up getting wet. I prefer boots on days like these, but that means I need to wear skinny jeans or pants, and unfortunately, I can’t wear jeans to work. I also don’t really have “slim leg” work pants, most of mine are trouser-style, so when I reach for my boots, I end up pairing them with a skirt and tights.

Tights bring me to my second reason for skirts: WARMTH. This winter has had some very cold days. And it might seem like an oxymoronkirts do not seem warm.  But layered with tights (especially thick sweater ones) and boots, I find they are so much warmer than pants.

However, I really need to branch out my “skirt style.” I seem to go for one type- the pencil skirt. So I am hoping this collage gives me some inspiration to add some skirts that are outside of “my box” to my wardrobe. Plus with spring right around the corner, I’m loving the floral prints and bold colors!

Are you a skirt or pants person? Which skirt is your favorite?


December Stitchfix Review #2

stitchfix.PNG I know you may be wondering why I have a second Stitchfix review for December. The boxes come every 4 weeks, and it just worked out that I recieved one at the very beginning of the month and again at the very end.  I would’ve just called it my January review, but looks like I will be receiving another mid-January.

But I’m not complaining because I continue to love getting them, and as you will find out in the post, I am becoming even more impressed with the company the longer I do the boxes.

Octavia Henry Birds on Branch Infinity Scarf // $28

DSC_0189 A scarf with birds on it?! I probably don’t even tell you that the minute I saw this in my box, I was in love and new I would be keeping it! It’s so cute and comfy, and the price was perfect!

Skies are Blue Cassandra Cut Detail Sleeveless Blouse — Medium // $48

DSC_0154 I wish I had gotten a picture of the back because the detail in it is what sold me on keeping this top. Plus it fit great and would be perfect for layering for work. It was a keeper!

Fun2Fun Hollie Grid Print Blouse — Medium // $44

DSC_0171 When I saw this top in my box, I hoped it would fit because I really liked the pattern and knew it would be a great top that I could dress up for work or wear more casual with jeans. As you can see, it did fit perfectly! I kept it!

Rune Porter Legging — Medium // $38

DSC_0166 On the hunt for the most comfortable yet good quality leggings you can find? Well let me tell you, this pair would be the one for you! I just want to live in them and never wear any other pants again. And for the price, they just can’t be beat! I kept them as well!

Market and Spruce Denver Cable Knit Elbow Patch Cardigan — Medium // $68

DSC_0179 When tried this cardigan on, I really liked it, but it was a little too big. And even though it wasn’t my typical style, I had planned to keep it as I wanted to keep the other 4 items and the whole box discount was going to bring it down to only $15.

Since I wanted to keep it but the sizing wasn’t right, I emailed Stitchfix to see if they would do a size exchange for me. Unfortunately, they didn’t have this cardigan available in a small. BUT since they didn’t have the size, they did offer me the whole box discount (25% off) the other 4 items if I kept them and just sent the cardigan back.

This has sealed the deal for me to keep getting Stitchfix boxes for the upcoming year. Finding a company that provides good customer service is rare these days, but because of them working with me on this issue, they now have a loyal customer.

***This is not a sponsored post.  Stitchfix has no idea who I am apart from the customer who wanted a different size. 😉 However, you are interested in trying Stitchfix,  you’d make my day if you used my referral link so I can earn a discount off my next fix! 

Winter Fashion // #Blogmas Day 6

Winter Fashion

sweater / coat  / leather jacket / faux fur vest / jeans / booties / boots / tote / watch / earrings / scarf / beany / sunglasses

I’m finally getting back to the Blogmas topics! And just in time to talk about CLOTHES… I promise that wasn’t planned, just a fortunate coincidence!

Fall and winter are my favorite seasons to dress for because I am a sweater and jeans girl through and through.

Plus, I just feel much more comfortable in my own skin during this time of the year. Maybe because “winter white” isn’t just fashion term, but also accurately describes my skin color. I seriously feel out of place during the summer, like nothing is quite right. Once the temperatures start to drop though, I am so much more in my element. <<— And now you’re beginning to wonder about the crazy person writing this post.

Anyway, back to topic! I really used my personal style as inspiration for the collection above. I recently got a pair of light-wash jeans from LOFT that are SO comfortable.  And I got a black (faux) leather jacket from Target a few weeks ago that I’ve gotten a lot of use out of.

I also have the TOMs wedge booties and a similar pair of Nine West boots. I love that both of these go with just about EVERYTHING.

You’ve probably noticed a theme though– I’ve been really drawn to neutrals lately. I’ve really been inspired by the Capsule Wardrobe idea and have been trying to get pieces that are a little more classic or easy to mix and match. But I can’t completely leave out all color. I still like to throw in a pop with a purse or a scarf.

How would you describe your winter style?

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