September Stitchfix Review


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Every month, I love my fixes more and more! I asked for some good “fall” pieces, and Stitchfix definitely delivered!

Without further ado, here is what I got, what I kept, and what I sent back:

Market and Spruce Chaplin Hooded Anorak Cargo Jacket (Medium)– $88.00

I loved this jacket! The color was perfect, it fit great, and it was the perfect “weight” for fall.  I really considered keeping it, but I just bought a similar one from LOFT last spring and barely got to wear it before it got warm, so I couldn’t justify keeping this one too. It was hard to send it back.

Hem & Thread Erica Mixed Knit Hooded Sweater (Medium)– $58

This sweater was so comfortable (and a lot more flattering in person)! I really liked the hood on the back. I just couldn’t bring myself to spend nearly $60 on it. So it went back…

Papermoon Esteban Open Back Striped Top (Medium)– $48

When I pulled this top out the box, I wasn’t too sure about it. I didn’t know how I’d feel about the open back part (which I realize now I should’ve taken a picture of so you could see that), but once I got it on, I loved it! It was so flattering and I loved the stripes.  I just had to keep it!

Daniel Rainn Bilson Embroidered Pleat Detail Blouse (Medium)– $58 and Pink Martini Joshua Colored Ankle Jean (Medium)– $44

The blouse was one of those that I loved when I pulled it out of the box, but once I put it on, it wasn’t my favorite. It’s hard for me to pull off loose, flowy tops.  I’m already top-heavy, and then something like this just accentuates that even more. It was so cute but didn’t work for me! The pants were adorable!  I really loved the color and the cut, but the fit wasn’t perfect. I really debated on these, but I just decided to send them back. I’m kind of sad I did. They were very comfortable!

Well, that’s my fix for this month! I continue to enjoy these each month and find at least one item I like so I have yet to lose the $20 “styling fee.”

If you are interested in trying Stitchfix, I would LOVE it if you would use my referral link: This is in no way a sponsored post, but I will get a credit on my next order if you use the link.

Five on Friday

Happy Friday the 13th!  If you are superstitious… well… don’t be!

And Happy 28th Birthday to the Olsen twins!

Don’t judge me for knowing this! It’s easy for me to remember because they are exactly 6 months older than I am [my birthday is Dec. 13].  Oh geez, this means there is only 6 months until I turn 28… not cool…  

Anywho, it’s been a fun week, so let’s recap!

<< ONE >> I saw this on Instagram this week and of course had to re-post! It describes me perfectly! If only I could get paid to shop..

photo1 << TWO >> My friend, Hayley, is getting married next month.  My sister and I went to a bridal shower in her honor.  The guy she is marrying was like a little brother to us growing up [he and my actual brother seemed inseparable for a while].  It doesn’t seem possible that they are old enough to get married, but I am so excited for them!  Oh, and I totally took the pictures for this post then went to her shower in the same outfit… ain’t nobody got time to change!

photo2 << THREE >> I have a couple of new favorite products which I will be sharing about next week!  A sample of the They’re Real! Push-up Liner came in the mail and I cannot wait to get my hands on a full-size tube! This stuff is a game changer for me!

photo3 << FOUR >> I spent some time working at my mother-in-law’s florist taking some pictures of bouquets and other products, as well as helping her with some social media-related things.  This was really fun and I hoping I can possibly work with some other local businesses in the future.

photo4 << FIVE >> My phone was hacked… by three crazy boys {the one on the right is my hubby}…

photo5  What have you been up to this week? Do you have any fun plans for Father’s Day this weekend?

P.S.  I’m kind of obsessed with Instagram, so you should totally follow me! And if you do, leave me a comment with your username and I will follow you back!

Stitch Fix

I just signed up for Stitch Fix after reading about it on a blog I follow, The Christian Wife Life.

Have you heard of Stitch Fix? If you haven’t, they send you personalized clothes and accessories based on your Style Profile.

You pay a $20 fee for each box to be shipped, but it applies as a credit toward any of the items you decide to purchase.  Anything you don’t want, just ship it back for free!

I can’t wait to see what comes in my first box, which should come at the end of February!

If you decide to sign up for Stitch Fix, will you use my link? It is!

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