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High Five for Friday!

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Since it was a short week for me thanks to MLK Day, it made the workdays fly by! I wish every weekend was a 3-day weekend. It’s amazing what I can get done, especially around the house, with that one extra day! However, the rest of the week has been pretty busy, so I’m linking up with Lauren to share the highlights of my week:


1. I got an iPhone 5s. For those of you that know me, this is a huge deal. I am a big Android fan but they seemed to get very buggy after a while. I’m still not a huge Apple fan, but I really like my iPhone so far (especially the fingerprint scanner— my work email requires a password on my phone, so this feature is so nice.  I love not having to enter the password every time to unlock my phone.  Plus, it’s GOLD! I love, love, love anything gold!).  If you have any recommendatons on good apps, please let me know!


2. We got snow! It was just a few flurries, but for Wilmington, this is a big deal. This is the town that had 2-hour school delays just last week for COLDNESS. 


This is me doing Dandayamana-Dhanurasana (bow pose)

3. I made my goal of making to yoga 3 times this week!  I haven’t been very regular about going due to the holidays and some craziness at work.   However, one of my New Year’s resolutions is to make it a priority and get there at least 3x/week.  In case you are wondering, I practice Bikram yoga. You can find more info about it here

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Not only did I get rid of a bunch of clothes, but I also organized my closet by type and color. #slightlyocd

4.  I cleaned out my closet.  I am going to take it all to Clothes Mentor and see how much of it they will buy from me.  Then the rest will either be given away to friends or donated to Goodwill.


5. I am very excited to have an entire Saturday to myself.  I don’t know what has happened to me over the last few years because I used to be such a social butterfly and would’ve never enjoyed “alone time.”  But now I look forward to it! I have a couple of errands to run but I’m thinking most of my day will consist of catching up on Downton Abbey and maybe re-watching Gilmore Girls for the hundreth time.

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My _______ is better than yours.

Is it me, or does it seem like there is a lot of this mentality going on in our world lately?  And if you have noticed this, are you just about completely fed up with it like I am?

There are lots of areas that I see this happening in, but one of the main areas I’ve really noticed lately is within the exercise realm.  I’ve mentioned briefly that I practice Bikram Hot Yoga, which I completely love. One of the main things I love about it is that they truly are judgement-free.  It doesn’t matter where you are in life, whether you have any experience with yoga, what your weight/height/health currently is, they welcome you in and make you feel so comfortable.  The teacher reiterates over and over that yoga is a PRACTICE, it’s not perfect.  Every time you come to class your body is different, and sometimes it’s feels easy and sometimes you have no idea why you came.  But no matter what, after class, there are fellow yogis there encouraging you and congratulating on a great class.  For me personally, this is what keeps me going back week after week.

a Bikram yoga class

However, just because I love Bikram yoga, that doesn’t mean I think it is for everyone or that I think my workout routine is better than someone else’s.  But I get on Facebook or Twitter and see comments and statuses that just make me cringe.  Instead of building each other up, they call those who don’t do their form of exercise “weak,” “fat,” “lazy,” etc. They even talk about other forms of exercise as being lesser than theirs (“well, this isn’t Zumba, we actually workout!”).  Excuse me?!  I’ve done Zumba and it is exercising! I’m pretty sure all forms of dancing are considered exercise. So what if it isn’t the form of exercise you do?  Why does that matter?  We are not all the same — we have different personalities, beliefs, hobbies, etc. so why would the way we choose to exercise (if we choose to exercise at all) be any different?  Some people love to run, some like weightlifting, others like yoga, and some don’t like exercising at all.  And you know what?  That is their choice and who am I or any one else to judge them?

When I searched “judging” in Google Images, this saying kept coming up over and over. Does it disturb you as much as it does me?


So instead of tearing each other down, how about we start building each other up? And not just with exercise, but with all aspects of our lives?  I know that exercise might be trivial in comparison to other things, but that’s just one small area that we can start with.

Just thought this picture was cute.



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