Storms + Spotify = Summer Cleaning

Hey y’all! Unfortunately, I don’t have a fancy post today.

I had meant to finally do a recap of our trip to Gatlinburg over 4th of July, but by the time I sat down to work on this post yesterday, it was already 9pm and I had spent my entire day cleaning, so I was EXHAUSTED.

Seriously, I cleaned and organized for over eight hours straight.  That might be a new record for me.  I really hate cleaning. I wish I was more like my sister— she loves to clean!

Thank goodness for Florence + the Machine playlists on Spotify and an awesome thunderstorm!

Not exactly why, but it made me extremely motivated and productive. I guess knowing that it was so yucky outside meant I didn’t feel like I wasted my day inside cleaning.  Plus having some great music to belt out to makes you feel a little like Cinderella.  Now if only I could get my dog to sing along with me like the mice do in that movie…

Anyway, here’s a peak at one of the projects I accomplished: redoing the built-in shelves area in our master bedroom.

PicMonkey Collage It’s not super convenient to have books up there as I actually have to get the step-stool then climb on the part where the TV is, but I was tired of that area feeling like “wasted space.”  Plus most of the books I put on the shelves I have already read, so I probably won’t be reading them again too soon.

I really love how it turned out.  With all the books, it gives it a lot more color.  Other than the Bibles.  My husband has quite the collection of black Bibles apparently.

I do miss my wedding things, but maybe I’ll figure out another place to display them.

How was your Monday? Hope your week started off great!

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