March Stitchfix Review

I signed up for Stitch Fix in January and recieved my first box in February.

If you haven’t heard of Stitch Fix, you pay a $20 styling fee to have the box created and shipped to you, but the $20 gets applied as a credit towards anything you buy.

 Unfortunately, I was a little disappointed with my first one.  Most of the stuff didn’t fit.  I only kept one top, but I figured I would give it another try.  I went on the site and adjusted my sizes a little, left a couple of notes, and updated some of the items I had pinned on my Pinterest board.

And that made a world of difference!  My second box came two weeks ago, and I was thrilled with it!  There were 2 dresses, 2 tops, and 1 necklace.  I really love that in each box, not only do they send the items, but they send “style cards” with suggestions on how to wear the items.


This maxi dress is SO comfortable.  Plus it has wider straps so I can wear a normal bra with that. If you are “well-endowed,” you’ll understand why this is a big deal lol!  This is going to be a go-to piece this summer.

photo (7)-2

Sorry for the lack of quality— I forgot to take one with my good camera

I was surprised by how much I loved this top.  I think it really helped that they provided the “style card” for this item otherwise I would’ve never thought to wear it like this.  I am a little skeptical of wearing leggings as pants anyway, but this was long enough that it covered my rear so I didn’t feel as exposed.


I really loved this dolman-sleeve top.  I actually sent it back and I am really regretting that decision.  I knew I was keeping the maxi dress and the other top, so I couldn’t justify the price, especially because it will be warming up soon and I won’t get much wear out of it this season.  I am definitely going to be hunting for something similar come fall.

DSC_0832 This necklace was also in my box.  I liked it, but I find I really don’t wear necklaces a whole lot.   I made a note of that for the next box, so I am hoping they send me some earrings or a ring or something.

There was also another dress in the box, but it wouldn’t even come close to zipping, so it went back.  I have already scheduled my April fix, so stay tuned for a review about it in the upcoming weeks.

What do you think of my items?  Have you tried Stitch Fix?  If you haven’t and are interested in it, they are all about referrals, so I would LOVE it if you used this link:!

***I doubt I have to note this, but just in case, this is in no way a sponsored post.  Stitch Fix has no idea who I am other than just another customer.  I am just sharing my personal experience with it. 🙂


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