Stitchfix Review: 2 for 1 Special

So I’ve been a little negligent in sharing my Stitchfix reviews the past two months, so I’m going to do two boxes in one post… bear with me as it will be a little long.

Also two notes before I begin: 1) You get to see the hair color change from red to blonde-ish. 2) I have a very large head. It’s annoying.

June’s Box:


Collective Concepts Mason Blouse (Medium) | $58

This was my least favorite shirt in my box, which means I just LIKED it, not loved it. But you’ll see from the rest of the items, it was one of my favorite boxes to-date. I ended up wanting to keep everything else so I figured I would keep this and get the “whole-box discount.”

Verdict: Keep


Pixley Tammi Printed Dress (Medium) | $68

I really need to wear this dress again soon because it is so dang cute! Plus it’s LINED! I’ve mentioned this before, but every dress should be lined. No worrying about your panties showing through lol!

Verdict: KEEP


Skies are Blue Brie Printed Dress (Medium) | $58

Another dress that I just loved! I feel like they went shopping in my mom’s closet from 25 years ago and pulled this out, but hey, that style is back again and I’m kind of liking it. Especially since it means I can wear a normal bra with it (because let’s be real, strapless bras suck).

Verdict: KEEP


Bancroft Ronda Pave Infinity & Stone Bracelet Set | $34

Completely forgot to get a picture of these, but believe me they’re very cute! I like stacking them with my Alex + Ani bracelets.

Verdict: Keep


Skies are Blue Kiska Scalloped Trim Blouse (Medium) | $48

Chevron and mint. Win-win in my book!

Verdict: KEEP


All-in-all, this was a great box! Since I kept everything, I got 25% off, plus my $20 styling fee credit. So What would’ve been $266 came down to $179.50.

July Box:


Zad Raya Leaf Pendant Necklace | $34

This necklace was so hard not keep. I’m obsessed with leaf jewelry, and don’t have anything like this. I just couldn’t justify the price at the time, but now I’m really regretting sending it back.



Papermoon Ramona Ribbon Detail Blouse (Medium Petite) | $44

The picture isn’t bad, but in person, it just wasn’t flattering. I don’t know what it was, I just didn’t care for it.



Market & Spruce Bethanie Striped Maxi Skirt (Medium) | $68

Ok, I am all about maxi skirts, and this one was no exception. But it was so LONG. Like, the waistband is practically sitting at my boobs in order to keep myself from tripping on it. Plus $68?! I just couldn’t do it.


IMG_8326 IMG_8336

Kut From The Kloth Evy Dress (Size 6) | $98

This dress was so incredibly comfortable! I just didn’t care for the back. I felt like the dress lost the emphasis of the crotched detailing when I put a tank on, and there was no way I was going without one because of how low it came in the back.



Loveappella Montel Dress (Medium) | $78

I love everything about this dress! From the high-low detail of the hem to the tie waist, it was just so cute and flattering. I couldn’t pass it up!

Verdict: KEEP


Unfortunately, the stylist who did my June box was unable to do my July box, and it showed. It just wasn’t the best, but I did get one dress I liked. Plus I had a $25 referral credit and my $20 styling fee credit, so the dress came down to like $17!

My next box will be here this week and I can’t wait! Hoping I get those white jeans I requested.

If you haven’t checked out Stitchfix yet, I’d love if you used my referral link. This isn’t a sponsored post or anything, but if you use my link I get a $25 credit on my next fix!


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