Stitchfix #21

This was my first time receiving petite sizes, and I have to say, I was a little worried. I occasionally buy petite lengths, but not often. I’m 5’2″ which is technically petite, but they always seem to be too short (especially pants), so I tend to stick with average lengths. But I might need to start shopping petites more after how well these items fit!

Also, I do apologize for the quality of these photos. I was lazy and used my iPhone instead of my DSLR. Won’t make that mistake again!

Liverpool Anita Skinny Pant | 6 Petite | $78

THESE PANTS. I can’t begin to describe how comfortable these pants are! I could sleep in them they’re so comfy! I don’t normally wear petite-length pants, and was worried they might be too short, but I sent a picture to my sister and she agreed that I can pull them off as “cropped.”

Verdict: KEEP

Papermoon Norris Front Pocket Blouse | Medium Petite | $44

As soon as I saw this top in the box, I knew I liked it. And once I got it on, it was definitely a keeper. It will be easy to transition from summer to fall by just layering a cardigan or jacket over it. I also don’t have much blue in my wardrobe, so I liked that it would add some variety.

Verdict: KEEP

Daniel Rainn Eliza Crochet Detail Blouse | Medium Petite | $68

This might possibly be my favorite top EVER from Stitchfix! I don’t even know where to begin on how much I love it! The color: perfect. The pattern: perfect. Fit: perfect!

Verdict: Keep

THML Venita Aline Dress | Medium Petite | $68

And to round out this fabulous box, a great dress that is comfy, can be worn to work or dressed up for a night out, and fits great! Seriously, it’s like my stylist went through my closet and found pieces that not only I needed, but would be comfortable as well.

Verdict: KEEP

Bay to Baubles Mallory Hammered V Necklace | $28

I love the simplicity of this necklace, though I have to say, I wouldn’t have kept it if I wasn’t keeping everything else just because I really didn’t need another necklace.

Verdict: KEEP


Yep, I kept it all. With the 20% discount and the $20 styling fee credit, it brought the total from $286 to $194.50! For this deal-loving girl, that is music to my ears!

So which item was your favorite?

P.S. If you haven’t tried Stitchfix yet, follow this link to find out more: Stitchfix doesn’t know who I am other than a loyal customer; this isn’t a sponsored post, but I do get a credit on my next fix if you sign up using it.


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