September Stitchfix Review


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Every month, I love my fixes more and more! I asked for some good “fall” pieces, and Stitchfix definitely delivered!

Without further ado, here is what I got, what I kept, and what I sent back:

Market and Spruce Chaplin Hooded Anorak Cargo Jacket (Medium)– $88.00

I loved this jacket! The color was perfect, it fit great, and it was the perfect “weight” for fall.  I really considered keeping it, but I just bought a similar one from LOFT last spring and barely got to wear it before it got warm, so I couldn’t justify keeping this one too. It was hard to send it back.

Hem & Thread Erica Mixed Knit Hooded Sweater (Medium)– $58

This sweater was so comfortable (and a lot more flattering in person)! I really liked the hood on the back. I just couldn’t bring myself to spend nearly $60 on it. So it went back…

Papermoon Esteban Open Back Striped Top (Medium)– $48

When I pulled this top out the box, I wasn’t too sure about it. I didn’t know how I’d feel about the open back part (which I realize now I should’ve taken a picture of so you could see that), but once I got it on, I loved it! It was so flattering and I loved the stripes.  I just had to keep it!

Daniel Rainn Bilson Embroidered Pleat Detail Blouse (Medium)– $58 and Pink Martini Joshua Colored Ankle Jean (Medium)– $44

The blouse was one of those that I loved when I pulled it out of the box, but once I put it on, it wasn’t my favorite. It’s hard for me to pull off loose, flowy tops.  I’m already top-heavy, and then something like this just accentuates that even more. It was so cute but didn’t work for me! The pants were adorable!  I really loved the color and the cut, but the fit wasn’t perfect. I really debated on these, but I just decided to send them back. I’m kind of sad I did. They were very comfortable!

Well, that’s my fix for this month! I continue to enjoy these each month and find at least one item I like so I have yet to lose the $20 “styling fee.”

If you are interested in trying Stitchfix, I would LOVE it if you would use my referral link: This is in no way a sponsored post, but I will get a credit on my next order if you use the link.

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