October Stitchfix Review


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This was my 9th Stitchfix and I have yet to be disappointed! If you are trying to figure out the difference in the previous reviews and how many boxes I’ve gotten, that’s because I was a slacker a couple of times and didn’t get reviews done. I get so excited every month when the email comes through that my box was shipped!

This month, I specifically requested a couple of dresses that I could potentially wear to a wedding at the end of the month.  I also a requested a clutch that I could possibly use as well.  I love that you have the option to include notes to your stylist about specific needs each month.

So here is what I got, what I kept, and what I sent back:

RD Style Akio Asymmetrical Zip Faux Leather Jacket– $108

I loved this when I saw it in my box (especially because it was grey and not black).  But once I put it on, I wasn’t thrilled.  It was too tight in the chest so I wouldn’t be able to comfortably zip it, but the arms were way too big.  Plus it wasn’t worth the $108 price tag for something I wouldn’t wear a ton.  So it went back.

41Hawthorn Faya Sleeveless Keyhole Fit & Flare Dress– $88

I really liked this dress when I saw it in the box.  It is not a color I would normally gravitate towards.  But when I put it on, it didn’t fit quite right in the waist.  Not sure if it was the pleating or what, but it didn’t lay very well.  If it had been cheaper, I might have considered keeping it for a nice date night.  But I didn’t think it was quite what I wanted for the wedding and the price tag was a little too steep for me, so I sent it back.

Pixley Page Chain Collar Necklace– $36

Honestly, I didn’t care for this necklace at all.  I pretty much knew as soon as I saw it that I wouldn’t be keeping it unless everything else in the box fit (since then I would get a discount for buying the whole box).  It just wasn’t my style, so it went back too.

Pixley Kathy Striped Fit & Flare Dress– $68

When I saw this in the box, I loved it! But I was a little skeptical on whether it would fit right.  The style/cut isn’t normally something I would choose, but I loved the color and pattern, so of course I tried it on.  And I LOVED it.  And my husband loved it.  He pretty much insisted I keep it, so I did!  I don’t think it’s dressy enough for the wedding I am attending, but it will be a very good piece that I can wear for numerous other occasions.

Urban Expressions Adelade Woven Fold-Over Clutch– $48

This clutch was SO cute! I love the fold-over style and really wanted to keep it, but I just couldn’t spend $48 on a clutch I’d use on rare occasions.  I sent it back, but I am probably going to regret that decision.

So what did you think of my pieces?  Have you tried Stitchfix yet?  If you haven’t, I would LOVE it if you used my referral link so I can get a credit on my next fix!

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