November Stitchfix Review


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This was my 10th Stitchfix, and again, I was so excited to see what I got! I had requested a couple of items that I had seen on Stitchfix’s Pinterest and Instagram, and I was so glad to see those items in my box!

So here is what I got, what I kept, and what I sent back:


KUT from the kloth cinda faux leather moto jacket // Medium // $98

I had requested a leather jacket as I have been on the hunt this season to find one.  I was SO excited to see one in my box and it looked so cute.  But once I put it on, I wasn’t totally sold.  I didn’t like the dark brown color— I’m really hoping to find one in cognac or gray.  Plus the arms were a little too long (yay for being vertically challenged— NOT).  And I’m not spending $98 on an item I don’t LOVE. So it went back. Kind of regretting that decision now that I look at these pictures again.

41Hawthorn Filbert 3/4 sleeve popover blouse // Medium // $58

I really debated on keeping this top as it fit VERY well, but I’m kinda finicky about sleeves, especially this time of year.  I’m so cold-natured that once it drops below 70 degrees, I need long sleeves.  I didn’t see myself getting to wear this much until next spring.  I sent it back.


Emperia clarita messenger bag // $58

This was another item I had requested.  I think I saw it on Stitchfix’s Instagram and thought I would love to have it as a camera bag.  I was SO SO SO excited to see it in my box!  I was surprised that it was smaller than I imagined but yet it’s still very roomy.  I actually I am glad it’s smaller than I thought— I can carry it as my purse with all my normal stuff (wallet, phone, etc.) and my camera too so I don’t have to have two separate bags.  It was a no-brainer– I kept it!


In case you are wondering what I’m staring at, this was kind of a “blooper” shot but I liked it lol

Daniel RAinn minal heart print henley blouse // medium // $68

When I saw this in the box, I absolutely loved it! My sister has a similar top from Gap or something and I have been eyeing it ever since she bought it.  But once I put it on, I did not care for it.  It was too loose and flowy for my taste. Maybe if it had been a small instead of a medium, it might have have fit better. I sent it back.

gilli kamile jersey ruched detail dress // medium // $64

I was iffy about this dress from the minute I saw it in the box.  It looked really small and I wasn’t sure it would even go on.  But it did fit, and I was surprised to find it fit ok.  However, I did the empire waist thing for so many years as a way to mask my constantly flunctuating weight that I think I am a little over that style right now.  So I sent it back.

I only kept one item, the messenger bag, this fix, but I still loved getting my box and trying everything on!  And as long as I keep at least one item, the $20 shipping fee gets credited to whatever I purchase, so I’m not losing any money.

So what did you think of my pieces?  Have you tried Stitchfix yet?  If you haven’t, I would LOVE it if you used my referral link so I can get a credit on my next fix!

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