Mission: Kitchen Organization

I’ve probably mentioned this before, but I am not the most organized person when it comes to my house.  My sister is definitely the neat freak in our family and I so wish I was like her.  Instead, I am a self-diagnosed closet hoarder.  I like the living areas to be neat and tidy, but if you open my closets, you will find where I hide all the junk (kind of metaphorical when you think about it— I look put together on the outside but on the inside it’s a mess! More on that another day).

So with that said, my kitchen cabinets were a disaster.  I knew I needed to clean them out, but it was a matter of making myself do it.  The boost for me actually came from Jillian Michael’s of all people! I started reading her Master Your Metabolism book which talks about dealing with hormone and thyroid issues which really prevent weight loss (I have Hashimoto’s disease— more on that another time as well).  One of the things she say to not do is use plastic containers to store your food in because of the chemicals in plastic and also to use as little canned food items for the same reason.  So I thought that would be a good starting point to get me going on cleaning out the kitchen.  Little did I know that it would turn into the clean out that it did, but it needed it!

I started cleaning out the canned food with the intention of donating anything I didn’t want that was still good.  I was a little upset to find that majority of the canned items had expired, but it also meant it was definitely time to clean out.  I did donate the items that were good to Nourish NC which provides meals for low income students (our church partners with them to get needy kids at an elementary school we “adopted” the meals they need).

I also cleaned out a lot of the plastic storage containers that we had, and got new glass storage (Costco has a great set!).  Here are some of the before and after pics!

2013-06-03 13.13.56

BEFORE: I forgot to take pictures before I pulled out everything from the cabinets, so here is the stuff from one cabinet

2013-06-03 14.09.42

BEFORE: All the canned and other food items out of ONE cabinet

2013-06-04 20.28.17

AFTER: New glass storage containers and lid holder screwed onto cabinet doors

2013-06-04 20.28.30

AFTER: Another cabinet organized

2013-06-04 20.28.39

AFTER: The few canned food items I kept. Love the space I have in this cabinet now!

2013-06-04 20.28.49

AFTER: I really want to get a pot rack, but for now, at least the cabinet they are in is organized

2013-06-04 20.29.06

AFTER: Got rid of a lot of plastic cups. I had a collection of free ones from my college lol

What do you think? Do you have any organization tips? I can always use them!

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