Going Greek

This past weekend was the Greek Festival at the Greek Orthodox Church here in town.  My family and I look forward this festival every year because of how good the food is! My dad is actually full-blooded Greek, so my siblings and I are half-Greek and take a lot of pride in our Greek heritage.  Though we don’t believe in the Greek Orthodox views, we still enjoy going to to the festival and pigging out on all the yummy food.   My hubby and I ended up eating there twice this weekend. We had friends that wanted to try it out on Friday night, and then we met up with my sister and brother on Saturday to eat there again.


Me (left), my sister (middle), and a good friend of ours at the Greek Festival


Leg of lamb with “Greek” green beans and a roll— one of many delicious items they have!


Needless to say, we ate WWWAAAYYYY too much this weekend, but it was so worth it!

What did you do this weekend?  Do you have any events that you look forward to each year?

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