Gingerbread House // #Blogmas Day 18

Wow! I cannot believe we’re down to the last week of Blogmas!  It has been so much fun participating in this link-up and I’m kind of sad it’s ending soon.

Anyway, today’s topic is Gingerbread Houses. Which I’m probably an expert on since I think I’ve done a grand total of ONE gingerbread house in my entire life.

However, if I had realized what the topic was earlier in the week instead of the night before, I might have actually tried to decorate one.

But alas, I’m the world’s biggest procrastinator. It’s 11:30 on Wednesday night and I just looked up the topic and started typing this post. So you’ll have to forgive me and just enjoy a couple of pictures that show exactly what my gingerbread house would look like if I had attempted to make one:

Oh and go check out the link up on Tay’s and Ashley’s blogs as I am sure someone will have made one!

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