Friday Five

Hey there!

– one –

I’m going to be honest right now. I’m having a hard time getting this post written because I’ve discovered Amy Shumer’s show on Comedy Central and I can’t stop laughing. We went to see Trainwreck last weekend and now I’m totally obsessed with her. I hadn’t seen too much of her stuff before the movie, and now I’m playing catch up. I love that a lot of her stuff is not just funny but has a legit point (see: Last F**kable Day, Swanks). 

– two –

Way too excited about these!
Honey Nut Cheerios

– three –

I really want some white jeans. I am so not adventurous in that department — I literally only have blue jeans in different washes. I need to get out of my weird monochromatic jean rut, so I’ve requested a pair in my upcoming Stitch Fix box. Fingers crossed!

– four –

Just finished watching The Office through for the first time. The last episode was exactly how all shows should end. All the feels.

– five –

This weekend is our SEVENTH anniversary. We are kicking the celebration off with dinner tonight (which I’ll be using coupons on because #wesofancy). Overall we’re keeping it low-key because both of us have crazy work stuff and can’t really go away, but if the weather is nice this weekend we might go do a little day outing to Southport. But it’s been too dang hot lately so it might be a super sexy weekend of laying around in our pjs watching Neflix in the A/C. And now you know that the romance really does fade… 😉

Have a happy Friday!!!


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