Friday Five

Happy Friday, friends!  I don’t really have a fun week to review, so just thought I’d share five things I’m thankful for:

one // It has been a very quiet week for me, which I’m actually really grateful for.  Last week was so busy— I seriously did not get home before 9pm one night last week.  Makes for a boring week on Instagram 😉 but refreshing for me.

two // I’m pretty sure every blogger goes through this, but sometimes I wonder if anyone reads this blog or if it’s really worth the time because there are so many other, better bloggers out there.  But then I get a text or a Facebook message from someone telling me how much they enjoy reading it.  I even had someone message me the other day and tell me they have Hashimoto’s disease and they were so happy to find someone else who understood what they were going through.  It reminded me of exactly why I started this blog in the first place.

three // This kind of goes along with #2, but I am thankful for Hashimoto’s disease.  I won’t lie to you and say there aren’t many times where I wish I didn’t have this disease and that I want things to be easier, but I also know things could be a lot worse.  Plus, I wouldn’t have started this blog or met some of the people that I have if it wasn’t for that disease.

four // Cooler temps! It has really been feeling like fall this week and I am relishing every second of it!

five // Lastly, I’m thankful for french fries.  I’ve had to give up a lot of food since I’ve gone gluten-free, but that isn’t one of them.  I’ve never appreciated french fries more in my life!

So what about you?  Is there anything you’re thankful for? Doesn’t matter if it’s silly or serious, I’d love to hear what it is!

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