A Flare Affair

Wen I saw that the flare leg was coming back into style, I almost jumped with joy!

I have been waiting for this trend to come back for nearly 10 years.

When I was a pre-teen/young teenager, the flare and bell-bottom pants were in style.

But I never got to full enjoy this trend because my mom wouldn’t let me wear them. She thought the jeans were cut too tight and she didn’t like the “low-rise” waist [at least that is what she told me. Looking back, I think she was just in denial that her first-born had hit puberty and was getting curves. Poor Mama…]. And since mom was the one that did all the buying of my clothes and drove me everywhere, I pretty much had no choice in the matter.

By the time I had my first job at 16 and my license, this trend was on it’s way out. Boot-cut was in, but no more flare legs. Then came the skinny jeans trend, which has really stayed around for quite some time if you think about it.

FINALLY however, I have my chance to enjoy flare leg jeans! And I wasted no time in purchasing this pair from LOFT. They were having a sale for $20 off all jeans and pants this weekend, so it was a done deal for me.

And they are oh-so-comfy! They may be my new favorite pair of jeans.

I am just itchin’ for an opportunity to wear them. I’m guessing they wouldn’t be appropriate for an upcoming engagement party, now would they? No? I didn’t think so.

What fall trend are you looking forward to the most?

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