February Stitchfix Review

This was yet another great box from Stitchfix! I really look forward to seeing what I will recieve each month and trying everything on!

41Hawthorn Sloane Colorblock A-Line Ponte Shift Dress | Medium — $78

DSC_0729 I loved this dress! It is definitely something I would gravitate towards if I was out shopping in a store. It just didn’t fit me quite right. I have a really short torso and the waist band hit me at an odd spot. It needed to either be an inch higher or an inch lower. I really wanted to keep it, but I couldn’t justify spending $78 on it if it wasn’t perfect.

Skies are Blue Ortega Open Knit Perforated Cardigan | Medium — $48

DSC_0744 I’ll be honest, when I first saw this cardigan in the box, I did not like it. It’s a much brighter color than I tend to like, and especially with my (new) red hair, I wasn’t sure how it would look. However once I got it on, I was pleasantly surprised to see how much I liked it! It was so soft and warm! However I can rarely justify keeping more than one item unless I am keeping the whole box, and I knew I wouldn’t be this time, so it went back. I’m really regretting that decision now.

Bancroft Cambridge Metal Cuff Bracelet — $28

DSC_0768 This was a cute bracelet, but other than my Alex + Ani bracelets, I really don’t wear bracelets. Plus, it just wasn’t exactly “me” so I sent it back.

Just Black Dean Ankle Zip Skinny Jean | Size 8 — $78

DSC_0743 I had actually recieved these in my last box (which I forgot to do a review for) but they were too small, so I sent them back. I had liked the style though, especially the zipper at the ankle, so they sent me another size to try in this box. Fortunately for me (and unfortunately for them), I’ve lost some more weight in the last month, so these were too big. So yep, they went back… again…

Ezra Rowlett Lace Detail Sweatshirt | Medium — $54

DSC_0736 Before you think that this box was a total bust, I did keep this top! A grey sweatshirt that is still cute?! Of course I kept it! I love love love it! Now if it could just warm up above 40 degrees so I can wear it!

If you are interested in trying Stitchfix, I would love it if you used my referral link! This post is in no way a sponsored post as Stitchfix has no idea who I am other than a customer, but if you use my referral link I get a $25 credit on my next box!


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