Family Christmas Photos

Okay I am off schedule on the #Blogmas2014 topics a little. Yesterday was actually supposed to be the Family Pictures/Christmas card theme, and today’s and tomorrow’s posts are gift guides, but because I did that already for the last day of Favorite Things 2014, I’m doing the family picture post today. Hope Ashley and Tay don’t mind!

My family isn’t keen on getting their pictures taken very often. Which is very annoying to me since I love taking pictures. If, and when, I do actually convince them to take a photo, one of them is usually goofing off, or not looking at the camera, or doing basically whatever they can to ruin the picture.  If we do get a normal one, it’s because it’s someone’s wedding.

BUT thankfully there are few cute ones from over the years, starting with this one from 1987.  I would’ve been right around a year old.

378998_904250797396_1277226452_n Check out those sleeves… I’m sort of channeling Madonna’s pointy bra but in sleeve form…

And the following year (1988) my sister has entered the picture.  Yes, that pun was intended. 😉

424762_10100219337138816_393384413_n Now, I’ll be honest, I’m not 100% sure this was a Christmas picture, but judging by the fact that my sister looks to be about 6 months old, I think it is…


And skip ahead two years to 1990, right after my brother was born.

403836_904250762466_1427676230_n  Now, I can’t say again if this is actually a true “Christmas” picture, but Peter was born in November, so that’s close enough, right?!

And now we enter the awkward, super-conservative, cross-necklace-wearing, HUGE glasses phase…

547986_10100219336275546_1136001362_n I must’ve been learning about the seasons and needed a sweater to help remind me which one was which.

Well, I’ve hoped you enjoyed this walk down memory lane.  And hopefully got a good laugh in too!

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