DIY Christmas Ornament // #Blogmas Day 14

I’m just going to put it to you straight.

I’m not exactly the crafty, DIY, homemade kinda girl.

So, I’m just going to share some of my favorite ideas from Pinterest that I have pinned and will never actually do. Because let’s be real, who really does 90% of the things they pin?!

I really love the melting snowman and the monogram ornaments. Maybe one day when I have kids I will be much more into DIY ornaments because then they will have special significance to them.  But for now, I’ll just stick with the store-bought ones.




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From Clutter to Order: A Jewelry Refresh

PicMonkey Collage
Ok so don’t judge me and the disaster that was my jewelry stand.  I wish I was a neat person, but as you can very well see, it is a struggle.

This jewelry armoire, while a great idea in theory, wasn’t exactly functional for my needs. Like the doors that wouldn’t even close because of my long necklaces. I had been wanting to do something different for a while but wasn’t sure where to start.

Then I saw this 3-drawer chest during our trip to IKEA and for only $34, I knew I could do something with it! I loved that it was unfinished so I could stain or paint it whatever color I wanted. Plus the extra storage for things like undergarments and socks and such was definitely needed!

The next item that I found was the bird cage (similar to this one) at Kohl’s.  It’s actually designed to hold notes and pictures, but my husband had the brilliant idea to use it for my necklaces. I used hooks very similar to these to hang the necklaces on the cage.

I already had the silver dish and the small dish that is holding my wedding rings was something we found on our honeymoon, so it’s got some sentimental value. I found the white dish and the knobs at Anthropology (the knobs were ON SALE too— I only paid about $2-$3 per knob! Definitely a great find since they were normally $10+ each)!!!

The earring tree came from Target. It really holds a LOT of earrings!

Even though it may not look like it, I got rid of a TON of jewelry during this whole project too. It felt so good to purge of items I didn’t need or wear very often, and get down to the items I would utilize.

So honest opinion, what do you think of my jewelry re-do? I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts!


DIY Frames

I’m back!  Sorry about the lack of posts last week.  I have been swamped planning a surprise birthday party for my lovely sister (which I will be sharing more about soon)!  But that also brings me to today’s post: DIY frames.

DSC_0027 DSC_0030

We were doing a “Friends” theme for her party, and so we were trying to recreate the iconic frame on Monica’s door, but did not want to spend a lot of money.  So my friend and I went to Michael’s, bought these frames that were around $2 each and the can of spray paint which was about $3-$4.




I set up shop in my mom’s garage, spray painted one side, let them dry for about an hour, then flipped them over and did the other side.


The end result!

As someone who does not have a crafty bone in my body, I loved how simple and easy it was!  I might have caught the craftiness bug…


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