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From Clutter to Order: A Jewelry Refresh

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Ok so don’t judge me and the disaster that was my jewelry stand.  I wish I was a neat person, but as you can very well see, it is a struggle.

This jewelry armoire, while a great idea in theory, wasn’t exactly functional for my needs. Like the doors that wouldn’t even close because of my long necklaces. I had been wanting to do something different for a while but wasn’t sure where to start.

Then I saw this 3-drawer chest during our trip to IKEA and for only $34, I knew I could do something with it! I loved that it was unfinished so I could stain or paint it whatever color I wanted. Plus the extra storage for things like undergarments and socks and such was definitely needed!

The next item that I found was the bird cage (similar to this one) at Kohl’s.  It’s actually designed to hold notes and pictures, but my husband had the brilliant idea to use it for my necklaces. I used hooks very similar to these to hang the necklaces on the cage.

I already had the silver dish and the small dish that is holding my wedding rings was something we found on our honeymoon, so it’s got some sentimental value. I found the white dish and the knobs at Anthropology (the knobs were ON SALE too— I only paid about $2-$3 per knob! Definitely a great find since they were normally $10+ each)!!!

The earring tree came from Target. It really holds a LOT of earrings!

Even though it may not look like it, I got rid of a TON of jewelry during this whole project too. It felt so good to purge of items I didn’t need or wear very often, and get down to the items I would utilize.

So honest opinion, what do you think of my jewelry re-do? I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts!


Operation: Love My Home

This is such a random post… please bear with me…

Lately, I have really been trying to work on being content.

I’ve really been struggling with this, especially with it comes to houses. I am SO ready to have a bigger house.

You might be wondering what is wrong with our current house.  Nothing! Nothing is wrong with it other than the usual wear and tear that comes with owning a home (the carpet isn’t as white, places around the molding need to be recaulked, etc.).

Anyway, it hit me the other day that instead of hating my house, I needed to focus on all of the good points.  It really is a good home with plenty of room for Jeff and me.  Yes, one day it might be tight if we have kids, but for just the two of us, it is perfect.

So enter Operation: Love My Home.

The first step of this was to purge a bunch of the junk, which I pretty much accomplished last week.

The next step is organizing the house.  We really want to get our office set up so that it is more functional, which means we are looking for some furniture (particularly a couple of desks).

Last weekend, we went to The Ivy Cottage, a nice consignment store here in town, to look for those desks.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have much luck in that department but I did find these awesome jars!

DSC_0506 I picked up some cute labels from Staples, which I think added the perfect touch.  I knew if I didn’t label them, I would get them mixed up eventually.

I love that they don’t take up a lot of counter space, but it gives me so much more space in my cabinets, which was definitely needed.

This might’ve been a small thing, but it made a big difference for me and I think it’s a good step towards loving my home.

What is something that you’ve done around your house that you just really loved? I am definitely going to need more ideas!

Storms + Spotify = Summer Cleaning

Hey y’all! Unfortunately, I don’t have a fancy post today.

I had meant to finally do a recap of our trip to Gatlinburg over 4th of July, but by the time I sat down to work on this post yesterday, it was already 9pm and I had spent my entire day cleaning, so I was EXHAUSTED.

Seriously, I cleaned and organized for over eight hours straight.  That might be a new record for me.  I really hate cleaning. I wish I was more like my sister— she loves to clean!

Thank goodness for Florence + the Machine playlists on Spotify and an awesome thunderstorm!

Not exactly why, but it made me extremely motivated and productive. I guess knowing that it was so yucky outside meant I didn’t feel like I wasted my day inside cleaning.  Plus having some great music to belt out to makes you feel a little like Cinderella.  Now if only I could get my dog to sing along with me like the mice do in that movie…

Anyway, here’s a peak at one of the projects I accomplished: redoing the built-in shelves area in our master bedroom.

PicMonkey Collage It’s not super convenient to have books up there as I actually have to get the step-stool then climb on the part where the TV is, but I was tired of that area feeling like “wasted space.”  Plus most of the books I put on the shelves I have already read, so I probably won’t be reading them again too soon.

I really love how it turned out.  With all the books, it gives it a lot more color.  Other than the Bibles.  My husband has quite the collection of black Bibles apparently.

I do miss my wedding things, but maybe I’ll figure out another place to display them.

How was your Monday? Hope your week started off great!

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