Azalea Anticipation

This weekend is the NC Azalea Festival which takes place right here in Wilmington.  There will be everything from concerts to street fairs to garden tours taking place over this week.

One of my favorite parts about the festival is seeing all of the Azalea Belles in their mid-1800s gowns.  I was a Belle myself during my junior year of high school.  It was SO much fun to get to wear those dresses– bloomers, parasol, and all!  I felt like I had stepped straight out of “Gone with the Wind.”

So, if you are going to the festival or just feeling springy, I pulled together some azalea-inspired items to get you ready.


{1} C. Wonder

{2} Jack Rogers

{3} Forever 21

{4} OPI “Hey Baby

{5} Twenty Eight Lane


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