Stitchfix Review #15

As the title suggests, this was my FIFTEENTH Stitchfix box! For this one, I had requested a couple of dresses as I had some weddings and other events coming up.

Mystree Leanna Floral Print Dress | Medium | $74

Well I’m starting off this post with the one item I did keep. I loved the pattern, the fit and style were very flattering, and even the colors were perfect. It looks cuter in person, I promise!


Collect Concepts Grace V-Neck Dress | Medium | $64

When I saw this in the box, I didn’t think I was going to like it on. It’s not usually a style I would pick up because often this type of waist line doesn’t hit me in a flattering way. I was surprised when I put it on that it actually fit decently, and even more surprised when reviewing the pictures how good it looked (other than I now realize I managed to completely hide the waistline in the picture… whoops!). However, I had just dyed my hair red, so I wasn’t feeling super comfortable with bold colors against the new hair color, plus I really liked the other dress.

VERDICT: Returned

Evolution by Cyrus Kason Quilted Jacket | Medium | $88

So cute and comfortable — it was almost a sweatshirt-like material. But I just really didn’t need another jacket, especially for the price.

VERDICT: Returned

Pixley Bixby Dot Print 3/4 Tab Sleeve Blouse | Medium | $48

I LOVED this top so much! I just wish it had fit — it was a little too big! Since it as a more blousy, loose-fitting style, I really needed a small.

VERDICT: Returned

Romolo Austin Mini Spoon Drops Necklace | $34

Fun and funky necklace, but SO not my style. I could totally see my sister wearing it, but not me. I should’ve kept it for her come to think of it. :-/

VERDICT: Returned


All-in-all, another cute box! And with my $20 styling fee credit, the dress I kept came down to $54.00 so not a bad price at all.

What did you think about my items? What would you have kept?

P.S. If you want to give Stitchfix a try, it would make my day if you used my referral link. Though Stitchfix has no idea who I am nor is this in anyway a sponsored post, I do get a $20 credit on my next box if you sign up and get your own box using that link!


Spring Beauty Essentials

Spring Beauty Essentials

Foundation | Lip Balm | Face Brush | Mascara | Moisturizer

I almost labeled this post “Summer Beauty Essentials” because it seems like North Carolina wants to jump straight from winter to summer and skip spring entirely (other than the rain… oh the rain). I swear, it’s like someone turned a switch and BAM! Hello, humidity!

This winter my skin was SUPER dry, which was just plain weird — I’ve always been more oily — so I had been using the NARS Sheer Glow Foundation and I LOVED it. But when that humidity switch turned on, my makeup started feeling like it was melting off my face.

I knew I needed to find something more light-weight but that was still designed for drier skin. I reached out to the girl who does my eyebrows and who is also a makeup artist (and had recommended the NARS foundation) to see if she had any suggestions. And of course she did: Urban Decay’s Naked Skin foundation.

So I went over to Sephora to get a sample to try before committing to a whole bottle. However, the first day I wore it, I knew I’d be going back to get it. It’s the perfect amount of coverage but not too thick or heavy, it goes on easily and lasts for a long time. Side Note: Can I just mention how fabulous the Sephora associates are?! I asked for a sample and the girl gave me THREE different colors to try because I was right in middle of a couple of shades. I feel bad for them because the one in town is pretty small and they never have enough people working so they’re always running all over the place helping all the customers, but they still take care of each and every one. Major customer service props over here! 

When I went back to the store to purchase a full bottle of the foundation, I also needed some more moisturizer, so I picked up a bottle of the Hope Oil-Free SPF 30. I know you’re supposed to use sunscreen all year, but I’ll just be honest and say I don’t really worry about it during the winter unless I know I will be outside for any extended time. However, I know once the weather is nice I am outside a lot more, especially going to the pool or beach, so I want to make sure I take care of this oh-so-pale skin.

Talking about SPF, most of EOS lip balms don’t have any, but their lemon balm has SPF 15, so I make sure to stock up on a couple to keep in my purse, car, and beach bag. Plus what’s a better scent for spring and summer than lemon?!

Another thing I picked up at Sephora was a cleansing brush. The one I got is slightly different than the one pictured above — it’s not double-sided and it’s for sensitive skin — but I had been wanting to get a Clarisonic but never can justify the price. But since this was only like ten bucks, I figured I could swing it 😉 . I knew it would help me do a better job at cleansing but what I wasn’t especting was just how much it helped clear my pores. I swear my pores SHRANK after using it just a couple of days.

Last but not least, one of the most important things to add to my makeup bag is a waterproof mascara. I’ve been using the non-waterproof Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-n-1 Mascara for a while and it’s another product that I LOVE, so I’ll be getting the waterproof one for beach/pool days if for no other reason than it’s called “Lights, Camera, SPLASHES”.

So what are your favorite warm-weather beauty products? Will you be adding any of these items to your makeup bag?


Friday Five

Hallelujah! It’s Friday!! After a couple of VERY long days at work, I am so glad the weekend is here.

– one –
I’m getting my hair done today and I’m trying to decide what I want to do as far as the cut. I will be sticking with the red color as I am LOVING it, but I’m wanting to change up the style a little. I’ve pretty much been letting it grown since my horrible decision to try a pixie cut a year ago, and now that it’s at a length I’m happy with, I’m ready to play with it. I’m really wanting some chunkier bangs and maybe get more of an angled bob. What do yo think about any of these?

– two –
On Saturday, my mom’s neighborhood is hosting their annual community-wide yardsale, so I will be over at her house trying to sell as much junk as I possibly can. I’ve been making yard sale piles for about two months now, so I will be so glad ot have it gone and out of the house!

– three –
I shared this article on my Facebook page the other day and got an overwhelming response from it. It’s truly amazing and encouraging to find out how many other women are struggling with similar things that I am. Infertility is a real battle that so many women face, but we don’t have to go at it alone.

– four –
The hubby and I attended the wedding of some friends this past weekend and we finally got a long overdue selfie. It’s so much fun to have an excuse to get dressed up.

Processed with VSCOcam with s4 preset
– five –
A friend shared this with me yesterday and it made me laugh a lot! Nerd = my husband, geek = me.

Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

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