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Photo Scavenger Hunt

A couple of weeks ago, I was asked to plan a scavenger hunt for our church youth group and the senior adults.

I said yes, but I inwardly I was freaking out a little.  I had never planned anything like this before, and I wanted to make it fun for the kids but also something that the adults would enjoy too.  I also only had a little over a week to plan the whole thing.

Thank heavens for Pinterest!

Follow Sophi @’s board Scavenger Hunt Ideas on Pinterest.

So I ended up combining several ideas that I pinned and created a photo scavenger hunt using close-up pictures of objects around the church.  The teams had to figure out what the picture was, find where the object was located, then take a picture of their team with that object.

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Here’s the list of directions I gave the kids:

Before Starting:

  1. Split into teams.  Make sure at least one person on your team has a cell phone with picture messaging.
  2. Pick one member of your team to be the “Team Leader.”  This person will be responsible for sending all pictures to me.
  3. Give the team leader’s cell phone number to me.
  4. You will be assigned a Team Number.
  5. Make sure you save my number into your phone.

To Play the Game:

  1. You will receive a picture of a close up item.
  2. You must figure out what that picture is of, and where it is located in the church.
  3. Your team must go to that item, and take a picture of the entire team (minus the team captain who is responsible for taking the picture — if needed, though you could probably do “selfie mode” so everyone is in it).
  4. Send the picture to me.
  5. Once I have verified that your team found the correct item, you will receive another picture clue.  If the picture you sent me is incorrect, I will send you a text back telling you so and to try again.
  6. The first team to correctly find all of the clues wins!


I made this spreadsheet as a way to keep myself organized and to know what order to send the clues to each team, especially since there were times where I was getting 5-6 texts at the same time.

Screenshot 2014-04-27 21.00.32

Several of the kids and adults told me after that it was a lot of fun, so I think they really enjoyed it!  So if you need a fun game for a party, this might be a fun and easy one to do. Just make sure you have unlimited text messaging lol!

Happy Hostess


Five On Friday

Well, it’s Friday once again and I am pumped about this weekend!

{ONE}  Yesterday, our sweet pup had a seizure.  Jeff woke up and heard something weird downstairs, so he got up to see what is going on.  Long story short, we found him on the floor, foaming at the mouth, awake but unresponsive.  We rushed him to the ER vet where they did some bloodwork and hooked him to an IV.  They diagnosed it as a seizure and we took him to our normal vet where they monitored him the rest of the day, but he was fine after that episode.  We are just kind of waiting to see if it was a one-time thing or if it will be a recurring thing.  It was so scary, but we are thankful for the sweet people that took care of him.  He is home now and seems to be totally fine!


{TWO}  I’m headed to Raleigh this weekend to attend The Brand Market workshop.  I am so excited to meet other bloggers/small business owners and hopefully learn a lot!


{THREE}  We had a wonderful Easter with family.  We went to lunch with Jeff’s family and did something a little non-traditional: we ate a local fondue restaurant.  It was delicious and very entertaining to see Jeff’s dad’s reaction to having to “cook” your own food {he’s a meat and potatoes kind of man, so this was very different for him}.

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{FOUR}  Another part of our Easter was dinner with my family.  Some of my friends joined us, and my dad got to practice his “Papa” skills by making whipped cream with their daughter.  It was seriously the most precious thing I’ve ever seen.  I can’t wait to see him with his own grandbabies {one day}!


{FIVE} I hit the outlets in Myrtle Beach to take advantage of the Easter sales, and I scored big time at Kate Spade.  I got a purse, watch and earrings for less than the original price of the watch.



Hope you’ve had a great week!



What I’m Currently Binge-Watching


So I started watching Parenthood a few days ago, and I am hooked!

For some reason I never really got into it when it first came on, which is suprising since it has one of my favorite actresses, Lauren Graham.

It’s a show that you can jump in and enjoy an episode, but to fully get the story line, you definitely need to watch from the beginning. And be forewarned, you will cry… a lot!

Thank heavens for Netflix!  I am on Season 2 already…

What show are you currently binge-watching?